Speechless On SevnthWonder’s Marques Houston Remix

Sevnth Wonder came to us as a remixer of a tune from a producer I’ve followed on someone else’s recommendation and he’s become a steady presence on the radar. Just like RIT came to us as a recommendation from LuQuS, or Jenova 7’s random trip into our Turntable Room, great artists seem to just fall into our laps. Funny how things work out. For Sevnth Wonder, though, we got introduced to him firstly as he remixed a tune of J Faraday’s (HERE). Since then he’s been prolific putting out dope beats and remixes and originals weekly. This one, he was kind enough for us to showcase as an Exclusive, and as fans of the sexy soulful future RnB, well, we were all over it.

Employing only the acapella’s from Houston’s new album, Sevnth Wonder (Soundcloud, Facebook) does all the rest with live instrumentation, and knob tweaking, and gives us one of these really nice tunes to jam to, groove to, do laundry to, get busy to, brush your teeth to…whatever you feel like doing with emotion and passion. This one is a jam so jam on, jam on. Oh and follow Sevnth Wonder for much much more in this same vein as well as other great tunes.

Marques Houston – Speechless (SevnthWonder’s TrappaNova Remix) by Waxhole

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