SevnthWonder and Almeda Records Starting Off So Well

The clock and calendar in the music industry moves so fast these days. I cannot remember the last time artists, genre’s, and popular tracks shifted and moved so fast and furious. Obviously the internet is the main driver of this and for that I think we all are thankful. well all of us who don’t work at a traditional record label, anyway. But this time also gives rise to artists who seem to one minute pop on your radar and the next are doing big things. Cue Mateus Almeida, that of SevnthWonder. He’s shown up on the blog a few times and has been putting out the great jams in a weekly Sunday series where he drops the great chill remixes on the regular. Now his latest venture is to start his own label, to be more than just a label, but rather a part of the greater community. With this launch, he’s released a few exclusives on the newly started Soundcloud and they’re starting it all out with a bang.

A remix of RoboKid by Cosmic Quest, and a collaboration original from KR$CHN and RU the exclusives are on point. The third exclusive, SevnthWonder’s remix of Female’s tune ‘What You Are’ is probably my favorite of the three, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only solid one. They’re all great and this one just so happens to be my favorite. So do like I have and give SevnthWonder a follow (Soundcloud, Facebook) and his newest venture Almeda Records (Soundcloud, Facebook) one as well.

RoboKid – Mind And Body (Cosmic Quest Remix) [Almeda Records Exclusive] by ♕ Almeda Records ♕

FEMALE – What You Are (SevnthWonder Remix) [Almeda Records Exclusive] by ♕ Almeda Records ♕

KR$CHN x RU(AreYou) – Time Flies [Almeda Records Exclusive] by ♕ Almeda Records ♕

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