Purr Tapes Gives Us New Real Cosby

Purr Tapes is a great cassette based label that puts out great compilations and for cheap! Take this one for example. 48 tracks for just $5 digital and $8 for a double cassette. AND something new, is a mini-zine for just $1.50. Value aside, you will see a few tunes from here that I gravitated to from Real Cosby, Eest Coast, Rumtum, and Dreamghost. Now, there are other artists that I know who I will be checking out and MANY I do not know that I will also be checking out. 48 tunes with about 30 or so producers I’ve never heard of gives me so many rabbit holes to explore. But now you, who are in the know, can do it with and independent of me and you can find new favorites of your own.

So enjoy this tune from Real Cosby and get to exploring!

HooDiEs (Purr Tapes summer comp. 2013) by Real Cosby

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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