Enjoying Those Hazy Days With Phantom Shilla

Well it’s here, this the newest EP from the homey, Phantom Shilla.  Our main man from the south of England has been a wee bit quiet of late, but that, my friends, is beacuse he’s been working on an EP, of which was teased last week with the track ‘We Could’.  After hearing the remainder of the EP, We Could remains my favorite, but that really depends upon my mood. When it’s a bit sunny out and I’m lazing about, Corona fits the bill much better.  When I’m feeling chill and ready to shut out the world for another 5-8 hours, Graves is the tune for me. And if I’m just chillin in traffic in the car while the water beads up on the windshield, well, Hazy Days is the tune. Y’see, this EP with just a few tunes can fit most any moods and settings. When music is just plain good, then this seems to happen.

You know we’ve been following Phantom Shilla (Soundcloud, Facebook) for awhile now, and his tunes are always this style of chill, emotion, and tangible atmosphere as if you could reach out and trail your fingers through the synth tapestries hanging always in the shadows of the background. This style, and skill that he employs isn’t an accident. if it were, we’d have found out by now. It’s a really great EP and releasing on Damn Son, well it makes this one of those releases that make me doubly happy.

Corona by Phantom Shilla

Graves by Phantom Shilla

Hazy Days by Phantom Shilla

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