Mura Masa Needs Your Attention

Mura MasaWith last night’s drop of Are U (That Somebody), that oft remixed and mashed up tune of Aaliyah and Timbaland’s masterpiece from the not so masterpiece movie soundtrack of Dr. Dolittle, it made it plain that it was high time that we introduce you to Mura Masa.  The young producer out of the UK has been making waves for awhile now and is starting to make his way from solid trap to trap with more substance.  Not like his old stuff had none of this substance, it’s just plain to see that he is evolving his sound and it makes for so much good listening.  Look at his EP from earlier in the year, with one of those tunes below. It’s 6 months old and it’s still as jiving great as it was back then. Then just a few weeks ago he released via Soulection this bangin tune, ‘Hustleblood’, and now the world knows him. or at least a different set of fans.

So yeah, get to know Mura Masa and get to followin’!

Are U (That Somebody) by MURA MASA ™

Mura Masa – Hustleblood by SOULECTION

Midas Touch by MURA MASA ™

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