Machinedrums New Video Rings Out Like A Gunshot

Machinedrum Incase you haven’t heard from the blogosphere Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum (Soundcloud, Website) is dropping a new album on September 30th. Coming out, of course, on everyones favorite label, Ninja Tune. Vapor City is already set to drop it’s first single The Gunshotta EP shortly there after on October 14th, named of course from the lead single “Gunshotta”. To wet our appetites for this media morsel that Machinedrum and Ninja Tune are about to lay before us they have released the video for “Gunshotta”, This gives us our first look at life inside Vapor City. The video follows a group of feral teenagers living in the dark, hallucinatory, dystopian wasteland that is Gunshotta Ave. As the video unfolds the two main lyrical samples from the song foreshadow the outcome of an apparent leadership struggle. It seems that too many times the youth of Gunshotta Ave don’t make it out alive.

Machinedrum’s Vapor City is still available for pre-order from Ninja Tunes here, and at only £13 for a two record vinyl LP it seems like a steal. I’ll spend far more quid on my haircut than this album, but will get far more mileage out of this album.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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