Lovin E-TRAIN’s Imagination

For those who have followed E-TRAIN for awhile this new album dropping has some great new tunes as well as some of his best tunes from yesterday.  This album has all of the styles that has made E-TRAIN one of those guys I’ve followed for a bit.  Production is as important as the lyrics and he does both with aplomb.  Even when he has guests producing for him, he picks the good ones and kills it.  If you’ve been following the blog, some of the tunes will sound familiar.  All Aboard, I’m Bad, Wreck The DiscoTech, and Beauty have been featured here before and make it on the album.  The new ones make up half the album and my favorite of these, Dogtown, is below.  The rest of the new ones and the album as a whole can be purchased HERE.
Dogtown is one of those introspective tunes, like Beauty, that set him apart from many rappers in the game who focus on one genre and one only and when they attempt the slower and lower key tunes they flail around helplessly.  E-TRAIN, though, knocks it out of the park.  If you like K Flay, E-TRAIN is her male equivalent.

A Chicago transplant to LA, E-TRAIN is non-stop playin shows in and around the area of his new and old homes.  The live experience and studio productions are all starting to take off and you’re in on the ground floor.

So check the tune below, go get the album (HERE), review the older tunes linked above and enjoy riding that E-TRAIN!

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