Libations & Oscillations’ Art Outside Mix

Festival Season for some is all but concluded. With another successful Burning Man, and Outlook Festival, another festival season has come to an end. But for those in the know and/or in the area, festival season in Texas has just begun. ACL, and FunFunFun Fest are coming and another, Art Outside (Official Site, Tickets), is right around the corner (October 18-21 to be exact). Of those three, Art Outside (footage from last year’s fest) is the one that fosters art along with music the most. ACL is just a stereotypical big music fest without much other than music, hot weather and expensive beer. Although the new format of two weekends sandwiching a week of more festivities is intriguing. FunFunFun Fest is a great smaller festival that brings in comedians, and has BMX and Skate ramps set up along with the music, bringing together a couple of audiences not usually seen at festivals. But Art Outside, as the name would intimate, brings art as a focal point with the music providing a beautiful background.

And with artists like Bluetech, Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla and Nadis Warriors it’d be easy to dismiss this as just another Burner Festival (and since when has that ever been a bad thing?). But with artists such as Nit Grit, Ishi, ill-esha, Thriftworks, Zion I, and The Polish Ambassador (also doing a set with Wildlight) you see that this festival is more than just about a sound. It’s about bringing in artists who fit the aesthetic, the vibe and the spirit of the art community. Whether you’re a bass head, a funk muncher or a zoner, you’ve got your soundtrack set and your artistic side fostered. And yoga too? I’ve never unfurled a yoga mat, but a session in the Texas fall with strains of music drifting through the pecan trees and scrub brush sounds really good.

As if the above description wasn’t enough, check out the great mix our pals of Libations & Oscillations (Soundcloud, Facebook) put together to show just a sample of the artists and styles that will be on display. Including 14 of the 64 musical artists, this hour long set drifts from the beautifully wonky of Thriftworks into the sweeping atmospheric tones of Bluetech an then concludes with the gritty grooves of Bird of Prey. L&O puts as much emphasis in the art of mixing as any other artist I’ve seen (example), and every mix they release shows it. Getting a sneak peek into the project it’s clear to see that the seamlessness of the sound wasn’t on accident and just happy accidents. This was work and skill that went into this ad every other mix of theirs.

So enjoy the mix, check out the footage of the festival from last year (HERE) and go get your ticket now. If you want to come but don’t have tickets yet, then come by the Waxhole Facebook page for more details on some ticket giveaways.

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