Liar Takes Us Spirewards

Liar is one helluva producer. Out of Romania, he’s been steadily releasing chill, dark, and airy tunes (sometimes all in one track!) for awhile now.  He first showed up on my radar last year and I’ve been avidly following ever since. This album, Spirewards, off of the quite ace Symbols label, shows so many of Liar’s musical sides and abilities that it’s not one of those themed albums that follow a sound or theme all the way through. No, these 11 tracks serve to introduce you to the chill and beautiful (and is that happy feel-good too??) sides of the producer.

As is custom, I included three tunes below which I hope serve as a good intro to the album’s varying and wonderful sounds. And as always, these tunes do NOT show the extent of the goodness. You need to listen to the rest of the album and by all means go snag it for yourself.

Buy the album (HERE), follow Liar (Soundcloud, Facebook), and enjoy!

Liar – Young Love by Liаr

Liar – Hand In Hand Like Lovers Are Supposed To by Liаr

Liar – Vesper by Liаr

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