KR$CHN Killing That Kendrick remix

Kendrick Lamar (KR$CHN Remix) Waxhole exclusiveKR$CHN, of recent featuring on the blog has done another nice remix and has graciously made it available via Waxhole.  It’s one of those re-imaginings of an oft remixed tune by many people that makes you forget this fact and lets you enjoy the track all over again.  This producer from Chicago has been steady releasing tracks since his great tune with Rachael Ward last month and we’ve been picking them up as soon as he’s been dropping them.

This tune specifically includes his chill sound and vibe over the familiar Kendrick lyrics.  It starts out disorientating you with ghostly trills, an off beat and Kendrick’s low, almost unintelligible flow wondering what kind of fun house you wandered into.  Then a few seconds later, KR$CHN throws the bass and Lamar’s comes to the forefront again and with the ghostly persisting you know you’ve not exited the funhouse, only gone to just another room of it.

Enjoy this nice tune, for free download and exclusive to you, and follow KR$CHN (Soundcloud, Facebook).  He has so many more tunes to rip into and enjoy.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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