Goin’ Ham With Dogma

When you happen upon an artist or song that hasn’t been heard of by many people before, you feel a little giddy as if you were Charlie and found a golden ticket in a candy bar.  Sure there aren’t any Oompah Loompah’s cavorting around (at least not in my neighborhood), which is kinda sad actually, but the feeling remains.  When the artist is just starting out and has some impressive work already it’s an even better find.  That brings us to the music at hand.

Dogma, out of Belgium (yet another one!!), gives us this three track romp through trap, dubstep, drum and bass, and bass.  A whole lot of bass!  This three track EP is one of those office chair jammin’ efforts that when the three tracks are done, you’re absolutely not ready for it to be over already. I mean, we have Noisia type bass and beats right next to heRobust styled trap elements and including piano interludes within the track that softens it a bit before getting you right back into the middle of the dancefloor and doing whatever you’d do to this stuff, which I’d imagine is a lot of grinding , jumping around and banging your head all at the same time. It makes for one fantastic smoke break soundtrack and when you drive home this is blaring at the top of your after market sound system.

So check these tunes out, download the EP at his/her (this is a mysterious one) Facebook page and show some love!

Dogma – Hurt by dogmaofficial

Dogma – Okay by dogmaofficial

Dogma – Holla by dogmaofficial

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