Gettin Indie With Dfalt, and Nacey

Three tunes hereĀ from a frequent featured artist on the blog, Dfalt, and one we haven’t posted too much, Nacey.

While both of these tunes are remixes, you should know that both of these artists are completely capable and completely awesome at the originals as well. You probably already know this, but if not, check them out on your own. Nacey also does production for indie outfit Misun, who are quite good if you dig on that kind of stuff (which we do!).

Follow Nacey (soundcloud, Facebook), and Dfalt (Soundcloud, Facebook) for back catalogues and getting being in the know with these dope producers.

And as a bonus, check out that sweet Dfalt track using the iconic Pharcyde organ hook.

Stars (Hold On) [Nacey Remix] by Youngblood Hawke

AM & Shawn Lee – Automatic (Dfalt Remix) by AMSOUNDS

Dfalt – Feeling Gets Good by dfalt

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