Getting Happy With Sami

A new feel good EP from the artist known simply as Sami, dropped not long ago and we are eager to pick it up.  Strumming the chords of indie dance and electronic (we do enjoy that too, y’know), this EP is four tracks (the 5th track, ‘Socks’, is wonky) of niceness that you just can’t help but tap your foot and smile to.  Sami  combines this delicate and cute voice that reminds you of Grimes, or Purity Ring and even sometimes Bjork, with some great production fluctuating between sweeping synths with the track ‘Tell Me’ and indie dance with ‘Go On Darling’.  You get a full helping of Sami’s lovely voice and the production of Troublemaker to get you through the day with this EP and when you listen and decide to buy the EP (HERE) you won’t regret it.

So check out the tunes below (Tell Me is a Free Download so grab it!), grab the EP HERE and show her some love.

Sami – Go On Darling by HollyrockUSA

Sami – Tell Me by HollyrockUSA

Sami – Hell Over You by HollyrockUSA

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