Gettin Down To Rumtum’s Mystic Wonders

Rumtum Mystic WondersRumtum is a name you’ve heard before on this blog. Whether from random posts, or exclusive download tracks from releases. Therefore it’s no secret that we’re big fans of the guy’s music and for us that know him, of the person as well. John Hastings is the man behind the magic and he’s an ever-evolving musician and artist that brings something new to the table at every turn. If this is your first introduction to Rumtum, go read this interview for more about his process and background.

For the album at hand, Mystic Wonders, released on the great label 1320 Records (HERE), you have beats, instrumentals that employ sample work, synth work and free form guitar riffing approaching jazz, but without the pretentious wankery that often times accompanies such music. The guitar is taking a larger and larger role in Rumtum’s productions and done so tastefully, it’s a welcome addition. He’s been employing it in his live sets for awhile and now we get to hear it in his tunes and they absolutely add to the experience. many times producers struggle with combining two talents (instruments + production) or going way too far one way or the other making it top heavy. This venture, though, is subtle, seamless and oh so good. Just how I like it.

Starting to gain recognition in the industry as evidence from releases on XLR8TR and The Untz, as well as new management and label release, you will start seeing Rumtum’s name more and more. Big things are happening for him and it’s so great to be along for the ride.

Four tracks below show a glimpse of the goodness in the album, but with 13 tracks total, you have SO much more to listen to and enjoy.  So check out the tunes, go buy the album (HERE), and follow the man Rumtum (Soundcloud, Facebook).  He has so much to offer in his back catalogue and he has so many new projects and sounds coming up for us all to consume.

10 Tropic Tails by rumtum

8 Real Ghost by rumtum

2 WorldVibz by rumtum

4 Midlate Patterns by rumtum

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