Foreign Beggars And Noisia Combine For Awesomeness

I Am Legion, the formal pairing of Foreign Beggars and Noisia released their album today, this first of September, and like a kid on Christmas morning I was eager to tear off the wrapping paper and shut out the outside world until I had listened to it all, then resurface for a drink of chocolate milk, and go back into my own world and listen again from beginning to end.

I am an unabashed fanboy of Noisia so any time they release something new, well I tend to be a wee bit unreasonable with my expectations.  Once foreign Beggars paired with Noisia sounded like a bit for FB to me, now with more understanding, research and listens, I now see FB aren’t bits, and that this partnership is a perfect fit.  Replete with deep dark wubby intro’s, and interludes, this album is more than the Brit rap dudes of Foreign Beggars layered over blammin’ Dutch Noisia beats.  This is a true partnership where you can hear both groups exhibit their power and expertise behind the DAW or mic.

Jellyfish is a good example that this partnership is about more than Radio 1 banger fodder, as the group gets a chance to showcase the FB flows over some good old-fashioned wonkyness. Ice is also another one that showcases the FB sound and style. These two tunes following the highly club friendly Farrda and Make Those Move separated by an interlude partition, and then when the next Interlude hits you’re ready for another switch in style, maybe more Noisia? The next two tunes, definitely put Noisia’s sound first and foremost, with some lower frequency darkness, followed by hyphy and then back down to vocal pitched swampy dubstep sounds that bring the fan back to the old days a bit.

Instead of giving the play by play, though, just go here and listen to the whole damned album. They’ve done us all a solid and put it all up for free streaming, so show some of that love back and go purchase the thang HERE. And check their Official Site for the tour dates and locations.

And for those who still need some convincing, well listen to the 4 tunes below. And believe me, it took me a longer time trying to pare down to 4 tunes than writing the above words. with one club banger, one FB-centric, one Noisia-centric and my favorite interlude I’ve tried to span all of the different vibes and production styles.

I Am Legion [Noisia x Foreign Beggars] – Farrda by IAMLEGION

I Am Legion [Noisia x Foreign Beggars] – Jelly Fish by IAMLEGION

I Am Legion [Noisia x Foreign Beggars] – Warp Speed Thuggin’ by IAMLEGION

I Am Legion [Noisia x Foreign Beggars] – Powerplay by IAMLEGION

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