FlamesYall Is Great, Ya’ll

FlamesYall, or Stu Mangan, out of the UK is one of those producers who is doin it right.  Not only is his production some laidback smoothness but he revels in working with many many different MCs around the UK getting their names out to people (like me) who wouldn’t otherwise hear of them. This project, the InternationYall brings to us MCs from around the world, and sometimes from right in your backyard.

FlamesYall first came to my attention when he remixed a Jacko Brown album, who was ScroobiusPip’s first label release.  Since then he’s released singles, EP’s and albums alike all featuring different MC’s and jazzy smooth beats all the while.

The three tunes below are my favorite, but check thre rest HERE and enjoy.  Follow those MCs you like because wherever you’re from their work deserves to be recognized..

TooHarrrdToTell(TommyLux) by FlamesYall

AlllmostLost(Sus) by FlamesYall

SandCastleKING(PolarBear) by FlamesYall

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