Finding That Great RoboCLIP Secret Level

RoboCLIP, that of downhill trike racing soundtrack fame, and maker of dope gamer biased beats and jams is at it again.  Releasing a nice little 4 track EP for reaching the 1k likes level he’s accumulated a few tunes that he’d been working on that had no home and put them here for our enjoyment and as a way of saying thanks to all of those that follow him.  As always the producer out of Salt Lake City enjoys employing some nuggets of gamer culture of which I’m not well-versed in (I was more of a Madden, and Championship Manager type gamer), some of the references are lost on me, but that doesn’t diminish the experience at all.

When you hear tunes like GxTV you can hear pieces of Ample Mammal influences which was a one of the first albums that piqued his interest in the electronic world and then there’s the quintessential synth sound he uses in many of his tunes along with the melody that he employs to juxtapose the frenetic vocal chops and stutters.  The tune JRPG showcases another aspect of his production that I like.  While gaming references tend to blow right over my head, the musical references are more my speed and I love hearing them and trying to pick them out.  Sometimes I find the easter eggs, and many times I do not. This tune, JRPG seems to have a Cure “Lullaby” meets Tim Burton base to it that seems flipped, and just when you find the thread, it’s changed up with added vocals and another synth line altogether.  What seems to happen inevitably when listening to RoboCLIP songs is that whenever I do pick out a sample or influence, whether it be Peter Gabriel, How To Destroy Angels or any of the many others he peppers his tracks with, it sets me off on a re-review of that artist’s catalogue to enjoy all over again.  JRPG, for instance whether the Cure influence is there or not, it succeeded in setting me off to listen to The Cure’s Mixed Up album for probably (caution, hyperbole incoming) the 1.000th time in my life.  I’d imagine the gaming references set people off similarly dusting off their old Nintendo 64 or Sega Genesis consoles and blowing out the cartridges, wiping the disks down with Windex and rediscovering their love for a game of their youth.

Enjoy and show RoboCLIP (Soundcloud, Facebook) some love.  Let’s make those 1k likes just the first of many many.


The Secret Level by ROBOCLIP


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