Feeling So Good Alone In Ambassadeurs’ Light

Ambassadeurs has been busy this year.  It’s been a busy three years, really, since I first was alerted to the greatness of Ambassadeurs. The tracks that were my first intro, ‘M.O.P.E.’ and ‘Duke Red’, still stick out as great tunes and I believe the recognition for his current work is finally starting to follow.  I want to start seeing Ambassadeurs on more tours, but whatever the case, while he keeps churning out the goodness, I’ll always be there to lap it up.  This EP here, ‘Alone In The Light’, is one of those efforts that make your day once hearing.  Taking the chillness and turning it into a bright and sunny, whirling around in a field kind of euphoria is what this EP does to you and your day, whether it’s already nice out just gets so much better with this soundtrack.

You might remember Ambassadeurs’ last EP, Trouble, was one of those that reminded you why you loved the Ambassadeurs sound so much and just a few months later if your attenmtion span is that short, well, you get another reminder here. This one has so many great aspects of tunes that not only can you see a lot of what you’ve loved from him in the past, you are also getting a glimpse of some of the new sounds and endeavors. Sparks, is a tune that shows a slightly different side and it’s a side I’m really digging.

This EP is full of Ambassadeurs goodness and you are in for a treat if this is your first introduction, because there is sooo much more to listen to and love when you visit the Soundcloud and/or Facebook page.

Alone In The Light EP – 01 – Ardour by Ambassadeurs

Alone In The Light EP – 02 – It’s Only You by Ambassadeurs

Alone In The Light EP – 03 – Sparks by Ambassadeurs

Alone In The Light EP – 04 – Home by Ambassadeurs

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