Commute Chillin’

My morning commutes always seem to be the most pleasant part of my day.  On the train with the headphones clamped to my head, the morning coffee warm in my hands and the sun shining through the window warming my shoulder as downtown looms in the distance getting ever closer stop by stop.   It was a holiday for us Yanks yesterday so the commute on the day back was extra sluggish for me.  I turned some bangers to see if that’d supplement the coffee and that didn’t do the trick today, so I went the more chill way and that did the trick.  4 tunes really made up my commute and put me in a good space to start the day, the week and my playlist.

Some of the tunes are from guys you know very well, and some are from some newbies on the blog.  You know Jeftuz and maybe you remember Luxar.  Now you get as an added bonus a guy you haven’t heard of, Yyioy and Salute from Cosmonostro.

Check out the tunes, show the artists some love and enjoy your commute no matter how far or long.

Luxar (Soundcloud, Facebook)

Inside U by Luxar

Jeftuz (Soundcloud, Twitter)

Love Is U by Jeftuz

Salute (Soundcloud, Facebook)

salute – GRLS by Cosmonostro

yyioy (Soundcloud, Facebook)

Do Me Do U by yyioy

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