Christine Hoberg Is Good With All That Hate

Christine Hoberg is releasing an album soon and the above video and below tune showcase the single from the album. The name might sound familiar to those who follow the blog as she’s been a featured vocalist on this dope track by the homies of Truth (HERE), and then more recently on a great tune from the good dudes of Kiings (HERE). Now, she’s stepped outside of her featured vocalist role and has laid down some originals. If this tune is any indication of the album, then we’re all in for a treat.

This tune using only looped vocals as her background and accompaniment show that this vocalist doesn’t need fancy production and tricks to be a powerful and emotive singer. The video, as well, fits the mood of the song. Dark and haunting the tone is set by the deep shadows, the sped up movement of Hoberg and the tune itself can double as something with a smile on your face as you bob your head or something with secrets that makes you look out the corner of your eye in apprehension.

Looking forward to this album dropping and follow Christine (Soundcloud, Facebook) to be the first to know of when the album will be dropping.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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