Birds Of Paradise Take Off With Flight Patterns

Birds Of ParadiseIf you’ve been anywhere near some of the more art-centric festivals such as Art Outside, Symbiosis Gathering, or Lighting In A Bottle then you’ve probably heard of Birds Of Paradise (Facebook, Soundcloud) or at the very least one the solo projects of the two band members, Torin Goodnight aka Bird of Prey (Facebook, Soundcloud), and Tyler Gibson aka GIBSON (Facebook, Soundcloud). They recently announced their first full length album together, Flight Patterns, will be officially released on October 7th. It will be featuring lots of new music as well as finalized mixes of previously released material all professionally mastered together as one completed idea. This is exciting as the duo knows how to play to their strengths of patience, beauty, and depth. This offers a truly original sound of rolling percussive breakbeats, progressive melodies, incredible sound design that comes through in twisted psychedelic layers.

In addition to the awesome news Birds Of Paradise’s Flight Patterns, is now available for pre-sale with a twenty-five percent discount through from now until its official release date. If this isn’t enough to peak your interest then check out a single off of their upcoming album entitled, “Tunnel Visions”. This psychedelic mid tempo dub will have you fully jamming out and then turn you on your ear when they drop a well placed sample from one of the mid-nineties greatest achievements in comedy. Letting you know that while they are truly masters of their craft they still know how to have fun with it.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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