Adventure Club and Yuna Makin’ Gold

Adventure Club, folks.  There’s a reason they’re flyin high and carrying the banner for this melodic dubstep movement.  With their own brand really really elevated, you don’t need little ol’ us to remind you when a new tune of theirs drops anymore like we did waaaay back in 2011 (a tune, coincidentally that now has over 4 million Soundcloud plays! 4 million!).  And even though they’ve graduated beyond our blog and readership, the fact remains that their production and sound design and overall production quality is just too good to let go.  So while this isn’t a “Check out this new shit from Adventure Club” post, this is more of a “Check this GREAT shit from Adventure Club” post, which still, I believe, deserves the ink.

The good, good dudes of Adventure Club, have once again employed the lovely vocals of Yuna, and to wonderful beautiful effect.  And one can only hope that there are more joints from the two camps soon.

Enjoy this one, my people, and be sure to catch them whenever they come to your town.  They really do put on that great show.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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