CloZee Delivers Triple Punch

CloZeeLife gets busy for everyone. As John Lennon said, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” Well in CloZee‘s (Facebook, Soundcloud) life she’s been busy releasing three new original tracks in the past ten days. Starting with the newest first we have “Entracte” or “between the acts” for you non-French speakers. This is part of, Genesis, the first release compilation for MOR Records. Next up is “Lady of The Lake” which is CloZee’s entry for the production competition ‘Let the Cream Rise’ launched by Empathy Recordings. Weaving together samples from Mr Bill, Crazy Daylight, AMB, Angus Green, Service Lab, FarfetchD, Tryptich, Tantric Decks, Krossbow, William Breakspear, Teknizm, Blatwax, and DOUBLE_NEGATIVE, and combining them with CloZee’s own amazing production leaves us with a sum that is greater than the parts. Finally we have “Sucker Punch”, a where CloZee teams up with Jay Sinificance (Facebook, Soundcloud) who adds his flow to the fantastic glitchy beats that CloZee lays down.

All three of these tracks are CloZee’s crafted style of  bass heavy glitch-step, mixed with beautiful organic melodies. The consistent production quality and sheer ear pleasing sound design is enough to warrant a follow from any music lover. Who knows if we all get busy telling our friends about this fantastic artist, when we check back in we could find new musical gems.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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