SPL Given That Balearic Bass

SPL has come out with a great EP which is being termed Balearic Bass.  I can only assume that this refers to the big room feel of the bass as it alternates equally as well from melodic synths and tinkling piano’s to heavy bass and 808’s.  You know that the sound would fit many more scenes than just the mega clubs of Ibiza, and I for one, will be bumping the tunes in my office chair through my headphones.  Yeah that works too!

Three tunes below that are my early favorites from the 7 tune EP off of SMOG, but you do know they are all worth checking out, and loving, and purchasing and loving some more.   Puerto Rico is my favorite thus far, with Hypnotizing also getting a vote.  Even the dubstep tune No Turning Back replete with the drop and the lazers and the stuff that usually has me changing the channel is still one of those tunes that, take the lazers out and yeah it’s a great tune.  What I’m sayin here is that the whole EP is goodness that needs to be checked out.  Oh and the third tune below, Rain, harkens back to the dnb days of SPL when he was starting out.  And the sucker for dnb that I am, I’m eating it right up.

So check the tunes below, then go grab the album (HERE) and enjoy your trip to the Balearic Islands with SPL.

SPL – Puerto Rico by Thissongissick.com

SPL – Hypnotizing by Thissongissick.com

SPL – Rain by Thissongissick.com

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