Xhjyl & ERG Lighting Up The Highlight Reel

Xhjyl (or better known as X) and ERG have a collab EP out featuring some beatmakers that we know and others we don’t. A nice introduction to these beatsmiths is always a welcome surprise. For example, Sam Breakbill-Hacke. Never heard of him, but he’s put together two great beats for X (remember?) and ERG to flow over. For the two MC’s, though, their style would fit well with any beatmaker they choose.  Talkin about a lot of the upward mobility and dream realization (as well as marijuana), it’s clear thy have something to prove to everyone out there.  These two haven’t ‘made it’ in the popular sense of the word, but for them, they’re well on their way. Talent like theirs, great production behind them and the favorable climate for the underground/indie hip hop noises makes it very plain that they’re successfully ascending the peak they want to summit.

The EP itself, is made up of 5 tunes and with 4 different producers, and you get a great variaton of sound and vibe. With the man J1K’s soul blasting goodness, Sam Breakbill-Hacke’s symphonic swingin feel and The Prophet giving my favorite beat of the EP, you don’t get to settle down and get comfy with one style. Below are my favorite three, but check out the rest of the EP as there is plenty to see and hear. If you like the Pac NW indie hip hop feel this has you sorted. If you like indie or underground hip hop in general, this has you sorted. Get after it.

Xhjyl & ERG – Hey Ma [prod. the prophet] by Xhjyl

Xhjyl & ERG – ScrewFace (Feat. Turtle T) [prod. Sam Breakbill-Hacke] by Xhjyl

Xhjyl & ERG – Northwest [prod. J1K] by Xhjyl

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