Underwater Orchestra


Underwater Orchestra

Underwater Orchestra is set to release its first full-length record “Expected Closure.” The 12 song debut album is described as cinematic electronic music. Adrian Croom formed the unique group in 2007 as a way to take his personal electronic compositions to the stage. The band features synthetic beats layered with live drums, guitar, cello, violin, flute, and euphonium.

“Expected Closure” was produced electronically out of Croom’s home studio with live instrumentation added at various studios throughout Austin, Texas, which included Croom playing live drums and blending it with his synthetic drums and melodic arrangements. Other players include Ira Henderson, who layered rhythmic guitars tones on the “Expected Closure” album, Jon McMahan, who layered guitar on two songs and who is currently touring the world with Post-Rock legends Caspian, and Gonzalo Hernando and Roberto Riggio, who added live strings to the album. Isaac Pena, from Los Vigilantes, performed live trumpet on several songs and also mixed the album. Doug Van Sloun mastered the album. Doug is regarded as one of the best mastering engineers in the nation.

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