Trifonic Is The New Black

Trifonic's Remix for The M MachineTrifonic remixing M Machine on OWSLA’s M Machine Remixed album, out today as it happens and teased back HERE, is one of those combo’s you always hoped for when you heard a remix album was coming. The wonderful sound design of Trifonic coupled with the acetastic original of the M Machine’s original tune, well it just cannot be understated.

Trifonic can and does turn remixes into masterpieces and when he’s working with wonderful source material,. well then, you know you’re going to get greatness. As fans of Trifonic can attest you can hear his touch on this remix, with the subtleties of his signature sounds, and the lusciousness he always brings to the table. The M Machine couldn’t have been remixed by anyone better. So yeah, check it, love it, and buy it, and if you haven’t already, follow and explore the greatness of Trifonic (Soundcloud, Facebook)

As an interactive bonus The M Machine gave us a puzzle to preview their new remix album on their website. Using general word play clues that where given on their facebook page fans could figure out the coordinates to previews of the remixes.

Using the codes below you can input these corridnates into the machine and check out a preview for each of the songs. Moon Song (Digitalism Remix): ZDARLIGHT Ghosts in the Machine (Kill The Noise Remix): PENNYBIRDRABBIT A King Alone (Robotaki Remix): ORBIT A-OK Tiny Anthem (Shinichi Osawa Remix): BIG WORLD Schadenfreude (Tantrum Desire Remix): REACH Shadow in the Rose Garden (Matt Lange Remix): SILENCE Faces (Proxy Remix): RAVEN Black (Trifonic Remix): FIRE As a further Trifonic bonus from his production blog. Trifonic walks us through his steps he took to remix this track.

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