The Wind Fish Has Arrived!

Lindsay Lowend Windfish EP We at Waxhole have been eagerly awaiting the release of Lindsay Lowend’s debut Wind Fish EP. Lowend has been churning out intelligent bass music that focuses more on the songwriting aspect of things rather forming to the mold that so much music seems to lately. He has a habit of incorporating old video game soundfonts into his music, so anyone who grew up on a SNES or the like will be hit by waves of a strange form of unfamiliar nostalgia.

Go ahead and follow Lindsay Lowend on twitter, and facebook, and give this bad boy a listen and if you dig it, buy it on Beatport or iTunes.

GT40 by Lindsay Lowend

It begins with a filtered chord progression that comes to life underneath chopped r&b vocals. Cue the 808’s and commence booty shaking! GT40 quickly drops into a driving cornucopia of juke and footwork influenced percussion while the playful synths twinkle in the upper register. And before you even know it, the song takes on a jazz ending with a beautifully timed hemiola into the fadeout, perhaps foreshadowing of what is to come?

Sass Mouth by Lindsay Lowend

Now it’s time to get sassy. Sass Mouth kicks off rocking a barebones drum beat with some sprinkles of what sounds to be animal noises. Things continue to get natural with a windy buildup as Lowend brings in the synths. Three, two, one, time for the funk! The bassline is gritty and things continue to progress along beautifully as the synths spread into layers that compliment and contrast each other in ever-changing ways. The groove is interrupted by an organ cadence, which melts and rewinds back into the groove. The song finishes with another cadence after a short two minutes, which left me wanting more. Fortunately it was followed by…

It’s George by Lindsay Lowend

If it sounds a bit weird, it’s because it is. Most songs stick with the regular 4/4 time signature, which is the standard four-on-the-floor foot tapping beat. However, Lindsay Lowend adds an extra beat, giving it a 5/4 time signature that you simply don’t hear very often. Regardless, it keeps a steady bobbin’ groove. A synth reminiscent of an early Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger swells over the horizon (cue nostalgia waves!) transforming into a freeflow jam session between the fat synths and percussion, only to be interrupted by a Buddy Rich-esque (or maybe it’s a Buddy Rich sample!) drum fill and breakdown, leading into a more familiar 4/4 beat. A playful new companion joins the party in form of a squeaky synth that bounces around the high end and propels the rest of the song forward into a happy ending.

Wind Fish by Lindsay Lowend

Wind Fish sounds like it’s ripped straight out of a weird retro-future water level. Tropical flavored horn synths stab in the air over a bed of fuzzy chords that swell into a star powered piano riff, powering on towards rainbow road! You can hear electrics chirping in the distance during the breakdown as the EP seemingly begins to power down towards a close, but a worm-like synth slowly rises from the horizon into an epic half-time drop that winds down into a vibrato filled cadenza, bringing this musical journey to an end.

And that wraps up this EP! If you like what you heard, show Lindsay Lowend some love and buy the EP on Beatport or iTunes. Stay tuned in to the other releases from Symbols Recordings as well here.

Posted By: Morgan Galvanix

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