Takin’ That heRobust And Two Fresh

heRobust Two FreshFor fans of heRobust, and who have been following him for awhile, we’re seeing a musician grow up right before our eyes. No, he’s not a kid, but he’s been at the music thing for a few years and 2013 is showing that maturation from bedroom beats producer, to BUSTED Master remixer, to big tour/act opener, to headliner himself. His festival set times are getting later and his location on the posters is getting higher and in larger print. He’s still not where he deserves to be, but he’s matriculating the right way, and that is up.

Now we have an EP, done with the great guys of Two Fresh (Soundcloud, Facebook) and it is 5 tracks (3 originals and 2 remixes) of trap, bass, and general hyphy-ness. The collaboration and the album can be explained much better by Hayden himself, than by me.

“It was great working with Two Fresh on this ep. We’ve been mutual fans and friends for a long time and they were some of my earliest supporters. The three of us grew up in the southeast on dirty south vibes and we all have an affinity for really creative sounds. I love this ep, it’s really a reflection of all of us.”

Released through 12th Planet’s SMOG label, this isn’t just getting the fans excited, but the industry as a whole. The fact that Rolling Stone featured the title track and that MTV is on it as well shows that yeah, the word is out on heRobust (Soundcloud, Facebook). And for great reason! He’s as good a guy as there is in the business.

Two Fresh & HeRobust – Throw That (New EP out Aug 6th) by heRobust

Two Fresh & heRobust – Cirque Du Solo by heRobust

Two Fresh & heRobust – Touch by heRobust

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