Slabofmisuse Remix EPI am an unabashed fan of SLABOFMISUSE, and I will shout it from the rooftops!  So ok that’s not that big of a proclamation, but well I don’t care.  But when I saw this beautiful remix EP drop in my lap I was ecstatic.  Not only is SLABOFMISUSE material coming to light again, it’s getting worked over by other favorites of mine from the South African scene.  Seafood, Desert Head, Life Magic, RVWR and Thor Rixon (new one for me!) all chipped in to add their stank to the already great originals by SLAB that was released in his EP (HERE) .

Running the genre gamut, the five tunes represent everything from wonky juke with Seafood, big room bass sounds from Thor Rixon, atmospheric chill from Life Magic and bangin beats from RVWR and Desert Head.   Each tune is worth the price of admission and then some, so get after it on the forthwith tip!

And while you’re at it follow SLABOFMISUSE (Soundcloud, Facebook), and the rest of the remix artists (Thor Rixon, Seafood, Desert Head, RVWR, Life Magic)

Loveinthiscup – RVWR remix by SLABOFMISUSE*gravy*

Glimmermagik – SEAFOOD ∆∆∆ remix by SLABOFMISUSE*gravy*

Tommygumsuckerpunk – DESERT_HEΔD remix by SLABOFMISUSE*gravy*

Bumpinthefivehunen – Thor Rixon remix by SLABOFMISUSE*gravy*

Echoesinpollsmoor – Life Magic remix by SLABOFMISUSE*gravy*

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