Silent Rider Wearing That Black Crown

Oh you remember Silent Rider? The group that remixed that Laura Mvula (HERE) so so well? Well they are back with the chill vibes, the lovely female voice and this time it’s an original. Featuring the lovely vocals of Camille Corazon, this tune is one of those that will be on circulation for a good while.

This outfit out of Brooklyn has been straddling the line between indie pop and electronic chill lushness for awhile now. The originals were usually of the indie feel, and the remixes more of the chill electronic loveliness. This tune here, though, shows that whatever they decide to do or what direction they want to pursue, they’re perfectly astute and able to do so very well. One of those tunes that you jam in your car in the early dusk and as the sunlight alternates between blinding you and illuminating the streetscape with it’s natural and reflective glow, and as the outro begins to form, you’re finger, almost instinctively hits the Replay button to continue the goodness.

so give this a listen, re-listen and another listen. Love them HERE and HERE, and follow them for what they have coming out. This is just the beginning of some greatness, I can tell.

As a bonus, check out two remixes, one of which is that Houses track that Easy Girl did (HERE) and destroyed (in such a good way)

Silent Rider & Camille Corazón РBlack Crown by Silent Rider

Passion Pit – Carried Away (Silent Rider Remix) by Silent Rider

The Beauty Surrounds (Silent Rider Remix) by Houses

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