RIT and Wolk Making Magic

Whenever RIT releases a new tune it’s an exciting day. When he features the wonderful voice of Magdalena Wolk, who I was introduced to by the main man, LuQuS (HERE), well then the new tune just jumped very high in my estimation. Then hitting Play and that estimation turned out to be well-founded. You get treated to the quintessential RIT sound of water babbling or static crackling (still not quite sure) and the synth atmosphere kicks in with Wolk sidling up alongside to add her vocals. Adding the birds and children’s voices amongst the sonic textures transports you into an organic soundscape of a dewy French countryside along a path between hedgerows and stone fences.

This tune, plus the one with LuQuS puts Wolk firmly on my list of vocalists to keep an eye on and follow, because right now from what I know of her, she is batting 2 for 2.

Enjoy this one and follow the homey RIT (Soundcloud, Facebook) and Wolk (Soundcloud, Facebook).

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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