Moodprint, Poldoore and Sixfingerz Say Hi

Sixfingerz NevermoreBelgium says hello again, remember us? Yeah we do but in case we had forgotten, the dudes of Moodprint, Poldoore (1/2 of Moodprint) and Sixfingerz giving us something new to chew on and boy are they good chewtoys indeed. Poldoore’s selection is off of a stellar Compilation album from Cold Busted (HERE), and besides leading off the compilation, it sets the tone so so well. Using a Lee Fields sample, it shows how Poldoore isn’t just a great producer but a great crate digger at that. Then Moodprint’s selection was done for a milestone thanks to their fans (many of whom are readers of this blog, so thank YOU). Then we have Sixfingerz, that dude who’s also one of Waxhole’s favorites with a tune from a few days ago, but still pretty damned stellar.

Poldoore, Moodprint and Sixfingerz deserve the love, and with these free tracks you get rewarded for that love.

Faithful Man (Off the forthcoming album ‘The Day Off’) by Poldoore

Shook Up by Moodprint

Sixfingerz – NeVeяMoгe – STBB 333 – Free Download by Sixfingerz

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