Mashupocalypse is Upon Us!

There’s a fine art to mash-ups, and some tiptoe that line while some just completely blow past it like a diabetic ADD kid needing his sugar rush (I’m lookin at you Girl Talk) and makes the entire exercise more of a Spot that Song than a musical odyssey. So that’s why there’s not too much of it on the blog. But now, we have three tunes that come from one album (HERE) from two producers who also, coincidentally make up Damn Son Music, the label out of Salt Lake City that is home to Gaszia, Xian, Dekai, Ztargaze and many others. The tracks tend to have 3-5 tunes in them but the way they are added in is more like ingredients, rather than main courses. With some the parts of the songs that do make it in are entire snips of the song giving the listener an ADD panic attack of drive-by appearances. This tactic employed by SRVO and RoboCLIP, though, gives you one song with the different tune’s elements sprinkled throughout. Quite the good EP of mashups and worth the listen and the bumpin at any party.

This project originated with the two collaborating for building out TomSRVO’s sets as his primary musical focus is as a DJ. Adding RoboCLIP’s production skills was one of those great fits that went from one song to two, to three, to the 11 on this EP and beyond. I’d say that this partnership is working, both behind the DAW and the label desk.

So check out the tunes below, the EP (HERE) and the label that they co-run. Damn Son Music (Soundcloud, Facebook) has big things happening and it’s good to be a part of it on the ground floor.

TYR x Nelly x Incubus x Depeche Mode x RoboCLIP by DAMN SON MUSIC

Minnesota x Mims x Killers x RoboCLIP by DAMN SON MUSIC

FiLiBuStA x Ice Cube x TPA (Tom SRVO Mashup) by DAMN SON MUSIC

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