KR$CHN & Rachael Ward Want You Here

Not sure if you know but the scene in Chicago is about more than hip hop.  Getting some good artists bubbling to the surface like  AZTEK, and Equator Club and probably more that we don’t know of.  KR$CHN (Soundcloud, Facebook) is another in that list of producers from Chicago and his new EP (HERE) off of Philosophy Records shows that he belongs in the list of great up and coming producers who focus on the chiller side.  The tune below features Rachael Ward out of Atlanta and while it’s not a full EP of the two together one can only hope this turns into more projects.

When asked about the EP and this tune in particular, KRSCHN and Rachael had this to say:


“As I do daily, I constantly search for great new music on Soundcloud. One day I came accross a stunning vocalist by the name of Rachael Ward. After hearing a song of hers, you know there was something original and different present between her and the music she created. I sent her a message asking to collaborate just to experiment on creating something new. Listening to her voice over and over, I knew I couldn’t create something that’s trending. Me and Rachael decided to connect on a beautifully inspired track to create “Want You Here”.”


“It’s really amazing what we can do with music these days. I mainly lay claim to the folk/ambient genre that I write in but I was at the time branching out into vocal edits of EDM tracks. When I first heard Krystian’s music I knew that he was someone I wanted to work with and I was so excited to put some lyrics to his track “Want You Here.” I think we are both in the mindset to create and mix genres to offer listeners music on a different level. This is just the beginning for the both of us as friends and for potential projects in the future.”

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