Kouben’s Oracle Is So Nice

Kouben, a beatsmith out of Birmingham, UK, is doing it to us once again. After his really good EP release earlier in the year he’s giving us a nice long 8 track EP to marinate in. We posted one of the tunes from the album (HERE) when we introduced him and it remains my favorite from the EP. However, there are more to enjoy and the tunes below attest to that.

You’ll see a lot of different types of tunes and textures in the EP. From syrupy synth progressions to drippy perc’s and crackling atmosphere; sometimes all in one tune!

Two tracks from the EP below, but you know you need to listen to the whole thing. So do so and get your own copy (HERE). Follow the dude as well (Soundcloud, Facebook) and see what else he has to offer. His Clouds EP, specifically, is definitely worth the listen.

6. Magic Touch by Kouben

1. I Feel This Way by Kouben

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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