Kiings Lets You Down So Good

Kiings are at it again, folks. This duo from the Milwaukee area is bringing their particular lovely flavor to the midwest unlike anyone else, and if they keep this up, the Midwest will be just the first step to their nationwide, then continentwide then worldwide takeover. C’mon everyone drink the Koolaid with me! But yeah these guys do remixes AND originals with aplomb specializing in tunes featuring female vocalists, which as you know by now is my weakness.

This particular tune is a remix of Vic and Gab’s tune ‘Let You Down’ and it’s quite good. I hadn’t heard the original so had to research and take a listen for context of the remix and this female duo (also oput of Milwaukee) working the 90’s type of singer/songwriter pop is pretty good for what they do. But saying that, this review of the original content hammers home that what Kiings did with the song is a completely different representation and one that is quite cool how they heard the original and turned it into this piece of loveliness you see below.

Keep an eye out for the dudes of Kiings (Soundcloud, Facebook). They not only drop gems to us fans every now and again, but they are working on an EP /album as we speak and it’s getting close to completion. Let’s all be excited!

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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