Introducing Cosmonostro The Label, and Interview

CosmonostroAnyone who has been following Soulection, the label that has brought such goodness as Sango, atu, Esta, Koloah and so many more great chill tunes saw a very poignant and serious update from Joe Kay one of the co-founders about the separation of 96, the other co-founder.   Well not to be glib, because this was probably a hard decision for the both of them, but their separation means we, as fans, are the winners.  Bringing the awesomeness that we’ve loved of Soulection and adding the Cosmonostro label to the mix, means double the goodness to us.

Catching up with Guillaume, aka 96, about the label, and interspersed with some tunes from the label’s Soundcloud, and Bandcamp, he had this to say:


Waxhole: The roster for Cosmonostro is something that any fan of the genre is excited about. How do you see the collective working with so many members all around the world?

96: 4 months in & Cosmonostro is already quite populated, for the better. It will provide artists a comfortable position where they can spend the time they need to work properly on their project, allowing Cosmonostro to be alive for our audience as it is for us.  Cosmonostroffice is an internal space where artists can interact, and exchange, so its definitely a great tool to encourage cooperation & reinforce the family strength. The core of Cosmonostro is french so shows will happen here in France at first, its a matter of timing more than anything else. We’re not a booking agency but yet, we may have the ability to make things happen. Its too soon to say, we’re still moving in.

Juan Cristobal – More Than Love (Free Download) by Cosmonostro

Waxhole: You were the creative force behind much of Soulection’s identity. Will the visual aspect remain as a central ideal with Cosmonostro?

96: Think about Cosmonostro as a coin. The 2 sides (rosters), one for music artists, another for graphic artists that will join forces in the near future. Since some members showed interest in the development of Cosmonostro (not only the artistic aspect of things), it could end up as an autonomous organism, a Skynet thing. Lying in the shadow of Cosmonostro sounds like a plan, its how I’ve ever functioned so it make sense.

Paisley – Drop It Like It’s Jazz (Free Download) by Cosmonostro

Waxhole: The first release, a remix EP from SertOne is a great taste of what is to come, but what does the release schedule look like? Since this is a Collective in a sense, will there be a lot of collaboration/remixes and the like between members?

96: The first wave of EPs are expected to be received within a couple of weeks and released shortly after. There’s already more ambitious projects that should be released both digitally & physically. Vinyl will be treated as a collectible item so it will be (very) limited edition, pressed once; when its gone, its gone. Collaborations have started, artists joining forces, producers/producers, rappers/producers or producers/rappers. Some of the guys are eager to communicate, some aren’t ; To each his own. Cosmonostro’s horizon will be broadened with Ritmonostro, a long term coalition between Cosmonostro & Ritmo Sportivo, that will allow both families to interact on so many levels like guest mixes, remixes & compilations…

Little Dragon – Little Man (SertOne Remix) (Free Download) by Cosmonostro

Waxhole: What goes into your selection process for the members of the collective?

96: Definitely creativity & a sense of story-telling. As a Jazz lover, I have a kinship for progression & surprises within a track which I believe make the track more personal, less technical. Its really about the craft, the build that matters more than the music genre. In the end, its not an intellectual process ; Fan bases, plays & things like this aren’t a part of the equation.


Waxhole: What, if anything, is up for Cosmonostro besides distribution?

96: I’d like to encourage artists to think differently & feel free to experiment. A lot of them are newcomers & inexperienced, Cosmonostro is their first experience of being in a structure. Hopefully they find a home with Cosmonostro, that brings them to people’s attention so they get what they deserved. Its a bit soon to answer that question thoroughly because things are in the works & I don’t want to spoil anything yet. And mystery is part of the Cosmonostro language, so see you soon…

MED x Blu – Belly Full (SertOne Remix) (Free Download) by Cosmonostro

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