Grieves And B Lewis; So Smooth!

Grieves is one of those dudes that I’ve always dug.  Whether with or without Budo, he’s always brings the noise.  Now, it seems as if he’s brought his r&b tinged flow to another wonderful producer by the name of B. Lewis.  You know B Lewis from past posts here and he’s one of those guys that’s on the serious come up and this just solidifies that fact.  Grieves had always straddled the r&b and hip hop worlds and now this tune with the sexy production has him jumping with both feet into the r&b world.  Might not be his definite direction, but I don’t care.  ANy time a favorite vocalist/MC gets together with a favorite producer, well then I cannot nor will ever complain.

So check out this tune (hopefully one of many!) from Grieves and B Lewis and enjoy it to the fullest.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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