Greenhouse In Full Effect

There are some acts that you listen to for awhile and just know through the lyrics, the song’s craftsmanship and overall vibe that the artist/s behind it HAS to be as good a person as their music is. This leads to some scary hero worship if not ¬†held in check and intense disappointment if that artist does one thing to shatter that image. So that hope that the artist is a cool dude too coming true, well then you can enjoy the music even more. Blueprint and Illogic are two of those guys, whose hearts are on their sleeves and in their music. And for Blueprint, in his writings as well.

This project of the two Ohio heavyweights coming together to take the hip hop world by storm is just as awesome as you’d expect. Underground hip hop fans should recognize that even though these cats are from the O-H, they still have the chops of any scene out there. And the Columbus scene ain’t as backwater as some on either coast would have it. Then you have the two artists who came up went their different ways, but as members of the same scene and region their ties never really broke. This project is a great re-connection for them and a great intro to us.

So check this video, check some of the tunes (HERE) and go buy that album (HERE). It’s absolutely worth it.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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