Gaszia’s Dalle Ombre To You

Gaszia as some of you may know, is one Aaron Spasiano from the wilds of Utah.  Ok, Ogden isn’t that wild, but in the sense of the music scene, it’s kind of out there….unless you like scream metal.  The Utah scene is thankfully getting a boost because of Damn Son, a local label that is close with the Waxhole blog and is part of our extended family.  Outside of Grimblee, Tetris Fingers and Kaskade you might not have heard of the electronic scene in Salt Lake City, but because of Damn Son, you now know of guys like Xian, Dekai, Audio Treats, and now Gaszia.

This debut EP from Gaszia is one of those highly personal affairs that shows the work, passion and feels of the artist as he developed and produced what we have now in the 5 tracks of the EP.  Getting future with it, but keeping chill, you can see Gaszia’s move into the more fringe, but highly accepted future sounds.  And we like it!
Below you will see the two tracks I dug the most, and you will see when you check out the rest of the album (HERE) that these two tracks are just the tip[ of the iceberg.  Get to know the name, though, because he’s well on his way to big things.  This EP serves as his introduction, and you are now in the know.  So follow Gaszia (Soundcloud, Facebook) and Damn Son (Official Site, Facebook) for further great releases from SLC and beyond.

Black Note (Dalle Ombre EP – Available via Damn Son Records) by G∆SZI∆

Semplat (ft. Xian)(Dalle Ombre EP – Available via Damn Son Records) by G∆SZI∆

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