Evil Needle Reigns Supreme

When you team up Evil needle with anyone you’re bound to get greatness. When you pair his production skills up with a Jordan Rakei original, who has a new album dropping off of Soulection very soon, you have the makings of a wonderful work. We first heard this remix as a result of the great Soulection vs. Team Supreme, or TS71 as us Team Supreme groupies know it as. But as that was a flip of a sample, this here is the built out remix of the entire tune. This added effort is to all of our benefit.

So yeah check out this nice tune, stay tuned to Soulection (Soundcloud, Facebook) for that Rakei release and if you don’t already know, check out Evil Needle (Soundcloud, Facebook). Evil is bumped in the Waxhole offices to an almost alarming degree.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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