Easy Girl Lordes Over The Rest Of Us

Easy Girl Lorde RemixLorde is one of the hottest things in the musical world these days.  She’s been seen hanging with Diplo and well she’s got some damned good music out which helps.  And now, our main man, Easy Girl has gone and remixed her with some hard hitting specialness of his own.  Deep in the studio producing for various bands/acts for his dayjob, whenever he has time to step away and produce, or ‘doodle’, as Easy Girl, we all win.  His doodle’s are better than most people’s masterpieces, so let’s just enjoy them as they come because even with pleading exhortations from people (including me) for more more more, his day job takes precedence…priorities!

At any rate, check him out (Soundcloud, Facebook) and show him some love.  The more love we show him the more he might make more music as Easy Girl…maybe….hopefully?

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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