Dfalt Flipping That Shadow

Dfalt is the man.  He’s a beatsmith who doesn’t subscribe to the one sample, one drum loop, one beat idea.  He’s always diversifying and he is always adding layers and textures that make each track more enjoyable on repeated visits.  You know this guy from past posts (HERE) and if you haven’t picked up his Helsink Beat Tape, Vol. 1 then you need to do so forthwith.

This tune here, though, seems to tease at the direction of Helsinki Beat Tape, Vol. II, and if this is the sound to expect, I’m more than slobbering at the mouth in anticipation.  Using the DJ Shadow sample to it’s fullest effect, he intertwines vocal chops and his own sample flip to make it into a wonderful romp through what Dfalt is all about.  Fun, fun beats, without being kitschy, and serious enough to not be a one-hit wonder, while not inspiring a Greenwich Villager to don a dashiki.

Listen, enjoy, download for free and follow Dfalt (Soundcloud, Facebook), for he has much more up his sleeve.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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