CryWolf Remixin Minnesota So Well

When CryWolf remixes something, you sit up and take notice.  When that remix is of a Minnesota tune, well then you’re out of your chair.  This one doesn’t disappoint either.  Utilizing the wubs of Minnesota and the smoothness of CryWolf and you’ve got one of those genre-blurring tunes that makes rigid genre purists get all twitchy.  I personally like this, and fans of CryWolf do as well.  Constantly switching between melodic dubstep, vocal-centric electronic and a little bot of house, he’s a musical moving target and if you ever think you have him pinned, he jukes you, breakin your ankles like Tim Hardaway (yeah he’s from way back, but I don’t care.  The dude had skeeyillz).

Enjoy this tune, follow CryWolf (Soundcloud, Facebook) and pick up his last EP (HERE) while you’re at it.  And Minnesota?  Yeah he deserves some love too.  He’s one of those reinventions that has worked out so well.  From dubstep to purpley bass he’s taken his new direction and owned it like a boss.

Posted By: Hypo-Luxa

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