Button Bashers, that South African Beat Battle

Button Bashers is BACK!  The great South African beats competition that pits 4 producers against each other centering around one beat that we first wrote about back in May (HERE) had a month off in June and has now finally uploaded the contestants’ beats from July.  Featured are some producers I’ve never heard of but will now be following.   If you haven’t already check out the Button Bashers Soundcloud and Facebook to stay up to date.

The beat I dug the most was from WILDEBEATS (Soundcloud, Facebook) and is below. The declared winner of the competition Leechi (Soundcloud, Facebook) employed the trap and the bass and the random goat bleating.  Damascus applied the chill beat vibe and Big Space went house with the Thriller sample.  All four went various ways and gave the judges and audience something unique in their own right.

Now we get to look forward to another episode later this month!

WiLDEBEATS – Thriller Remix by Button Bashers

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