Bro Safari & Space Laces Together Melt Faces

bro safariBro Safari(Soundcloud, Facebook) & Space Laces (Soundcloud, Facebook) have teamed up to drop an absolute face melter of a track. “Fang Banger” is in-fact a banger of a track but a perfect one to head towards the end of summer with. Bro Safari himself said that “As far as a genuine description goes, we aren’t sure how to label this thing. It’s a tempo that works with Trap, Kuduro, Dubstep and things like that, but it doesn’t really sound like any of those things either.” To me I hear pieces of old school electro breaks in there but I’m perfectly ok with the ambiguity of this track. It really doesn’t matter what genre you try to fit this one in the results will be the same every time. A hot sweaty dance floor filled with people going completely nuts.

Posted By: Joseph Noctum

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