Blockhead Gives Us That Good Interview

It’s not many times you get to chat with one of your favorite artists on the phone about Twitter, basketball and dudes in sandals. It doesn’t for me, anyway. So this interview with Blockhead in between two fantastic past albums with Illogic (HERE), and Billy Woods (HERE), and upcoming projects solo and with MarQ Spekt, and sshhhhh Open Mike Eagle shhhhhh was a really great experience for me, hopefully passable for the man himself, and doubly hopefully enjoyable for you all.

Always wanted to interview Blockhead and when word from the man Illogic filtered down that he was working on a new solo album, well I couldn’t pass up that opportunity. And so here ya go. Have at the interview. Featuring the intro from his album Capture The Sun with Illogic (HERE) and the outro, Ugly Brown, from his entry to the 20th Anniversary Ninja Tune Box Set, in between you have 40 minutes of just Blockhead talkin about random stuffs, music and otherwise.

Hope you enjoy and follow all things Blockhead at his site You’ll thank me later.

Blockhead Interview by Waxhole

03 Capture the Sun (Feat. Slug of Atmosphere by ManBitesDogRecords

Blockhead – Ugly Brown (Ninja Tune XX Compilation) by Waxhole

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