Beats from The Inbox

The blessing and curse of inbox submissions. On one hand you get either mass email blasts from artists who take the shotgun approach to PR and you have the PR agencies who build up lists with no regard to the submission’s sound or fit for the blog. As you all know, Waxhole doesn’t post every genre. BUT, along with the mass of chaff, you do get the submissions from the artists who do read the blog and who are mindful about their work and the blog’s sound and vibe and while we don’t post all of them, we do listen to them all with a critical ear and open mind. So when we can feature some tunes from these artists, it’s always a great thing.

The three tunes below are of the beats genre and some really good ones at that. Bmbu (Soundcloud, Facebook), eraserfase (Soundcloud, Youtube) and Tanko (Soundcloud, Facebook) give us some jazzy, glitchy, dusty soul beats to get introduced.  So follow those that you dig and see why they were the gems of the inbox.

Nagozio -Single- [Free Download] by -Tanko-

Bmbu – Waiting For Wasteland (Instrumental) by Bmbu

Like a Bossa by ‘ @eraserfase

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