Notuv Gets Down With The Chill Glitch

NotuvNotuv is a producer out of Japan who is starting to really light up my radar. If ambient glitch is a thing, Notuv (Soundcloud, Twitter) has it held down on lock. As if his work with Sweatson Klank wasn’t enough, this new two track EP (HERE) off of Enig’matik Records is a tasty little morsel. The sound design and intricacies remind me of guys like Mindbuffer, Trifonic, Hecq and Futexture and I am very excited for what’s to come from this producer.

The EP leads off with Fucertc, and is a cross between Polish Ambassador and Tycho and I love it. Glitchin out, but with a healthy modicum of atmosphere it’s easy to get lost in the tune. And at only two tracks it’s also easy to get disappointed when it ends. But turn that disappointment into appreciation and anticipation of the next venture. ¬†As a bonus, check out the class Sweatson Klank remix from Sweatson’s upcoming release.

FUCERTC by Notuv

Sweatson Klank: I’m Sayin’, Wake Up (Notuv Remix) by Perfect Touch

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